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Founded in 2008 in Sydney, Australia, OLDSOLES combines the very best of fashion, function and design to create shoes that look great, feel great and most importantly, support the healthy development of little feet.

Each and every pair is crafted by artisans using the finest quality raw materials like sustainably sourced leather and organic cotton. We partner with some of the most technologically-advanced factories around the globe and are always looking for ways to improve and innovate. 

From Tiny Steps To Big Leaps

While our home base is still Australia, we’ve expanded to over 25 countries.

From the US to the United Arab Emirates, tiny feet all over the world are running, jumping, creating, exploring and probably protesting their naps in their OLDSOLES. 

By Parents, For Parents

We’re industry veterans, expert designers and passionate creatives. But above all, we’re parents too.

We want to empower families to make better choices about their little one’s growth and development, one small (and ridiculously cute) step at a time.

Podiatrist Approved

“As a podiatrist and a mum, I know firsthand how important it is to choose high-quality footwear that promotes healthy foot development in children. That’s why I recommend OLDSOLES to my patients and fellow parents. In addition to being a locally-owned Australian brand (which I am all about!), OLDSOLES shoes are thoughtfully designed with children’s feet in mind.

They have a flexible, grippy sole that allows for natural foot movement and can help develop balance and coordination. I also love their commitment to sustainability through their materials, packaging and manufacturing. Along with being functionally supportive, the designs are super cute and fashionable. I love having my kids wear them.”

Sally Belcher
Owner & Podiatrist Rose Bay Podiatry

What out customers say

Absolutely love these shoes for my son. So happy to see the new Australian site with so many wonderful design options. I have 2 pairs of each size and my son loves his old soles. They’re the perfect shoe for growing feet and I am so glad we found them.

Jeidyn McMullen

I am absolutely obsessed with old soles.
My little energetic toddler is officially on the move and knowing he’s wearing such supportive and comfy shoes makes my heart (and mind) very happy!! It’s also safe to say he loves them too!

Sarah Jimenez

Very satisfied with these shoes. I love the insoles of the shoes as well as the variety in colours and styles that’s available to choose from.

Francisca Saayman

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