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To ensure that your kiddo’s foot is comfortable and supported, it’s super important to choose the correct fit and style of shoe for their size and activity. Every child develops at different times—a smaller foot might be up and running while another child with a larger foot might still be crawling.With the help of our pediatric podiatry team, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to ensure your OLDSOLES are the best fit for your little one. Above all, we never want little toes to touch the end of the shoe or innersole, regardless of age or stage.

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How To Measure Tiny Feet

Grab a piece of paper, pen and ruler. For kids who can stand, place paper up against a wall and have them stand on the paper with their heel against the wall.

Trace the outline of the foot. For babies not yet standing, place paper on a clipboard or hard-covered book. Hold their foot firmly against the paper and trace the outline.

Measure the length of the foot from the back of their heel to the tip of their longest toe in millimeters.

Select your Size

Use our Size Chart to match your child’s foot length to the appropriate-fitting size and choose the best shoe stage based on your child’s development and activity level (pre & first walker, new walker, toddler or kid).

Please note: we allow for wiggle room of approximately 12-14 mm.

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Once Your Shoes Arrive

Special delivery…hooray! Before letting your little one run off (or crawl or toddle away) in their brand new shoes, it’s important to check if the fit is correct. Here are the most important areas to check:

  • There should be plenty of wiggle room for little toes, about 10-14mm from the end of the shoe. 
  • If your shoe comes with a removable footbed, take it out and have your child stand on it so you can see exactly how much space there is from their toes to the top of the shoe. 
  • The shoe should fit securely around the ankle, not too loose and not too tight. 
  • If your child is walking, make sure the shoe doesn’t slip when they walk.

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